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Animal & Pet Portraits
& Wildlife Art

Coco 2022.jpg

Our pets always make such a big impact on our lives and are an important part of our family circle, bringing so much joy, love and comfort to us.

A Pet Portrait is a wonderful way to celebrate, honour and show appreciation for that special animal in your life. They are a wonderful addition to your home, or make an ideal gift for a loved one.

With a portrait of your beloved pet to hang on your wall, you know they will always be with you.

Realistic pet portraits and animal portraits, hand drawn in coloured pencil by Evelyn Whitebear, an experienced artist and animal lover.

Each drawing is created using high-quality pencils and paper for optimum results. 

Horse wm.jpg
GSD wm.jpg
Suki wm.jpg
Misty wm.jpg
Sassy Tilly Peanut wm.jpg
Lawrence wm.jpg
White Rabbit 2 wm.jpg
Blue and Gold Maccaw wm.jpg
Yellow Budgie Art.jpg
Coco mug.jpg

There is also an option to have your pets portrait printed on greetings cards, mugs & coasters.

There is a minimum order of 3 cards, 3 mugs and/or 6 coasters per portrait.

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